Welcome to the new website and blog that I will be using to bring information forward and to start conversations on issues of importance to Niagara Region as well as the Town of Lincoln.

And boy, do we ever have a lot of interesting things that have been happening.

The Website

So, I registered the website address “Politics Niagara” many years ago, not really knowing what I was going to do with it.  Now that I am an elected Councillor, I am thinking this is a good use for it.

It is my hope that I can provide interesting information for you and hopefully start discussions on topics.

I will be posting this information on FB and via Twitter.

Niagara Region

There have been some changes to leadership at the Region, particularly at the Senior Management level.  As much of this is in the area of HR and thus not something that I can speak publicly about, suffice it to say that the new Council heard loud and clear in the election of October 22 that change was required.

I ran for the Regional Chair position — was it a stretch?  I don’t believe so, as my previous political experiences have shown I am very capable in senior roles.  Jim Bradley was chosen, a person who I have worked with over the years and I believe will be a very capable leader.

Committee structures have been decided upon — I am hopeful to be chair of one of the Standing Committees, but there does tend to be a bit of politics involved with those positions as well, so we shall see.

Committees I am now on:

  • Corporate Priorities (standing committee)
  • Planning and Economic Development (standing committee)
  • Public Works (standing committee)
  • Budget Committee (committee of the whole)
  • Audit Committee
  • Procedural By-law Review Committee
  • Regional Development Charges Policy Task Force
  • Smarter Niagara Steering Committee
  • Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Board

And that  brings me to my next item, the NPCA.

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

Much of what has been happening has been quite well documented by both “A Better Niagara” (mostly on Facebook) and by the St. Catharines Standard (on their website).  So, I leave you to search those out.

I have been appointed as the Board member representing the Lincoln area.  This is a role that is extremely important to me — my family has had a long history with the NPCA and all have had deep concerns about what has been happening at the organization and what the future looks like.

The new Councillors from the Region were appointed to replace the old on December 6.  It seems there has been a lot of activities occurring since that date (actually if you look at the timeline tracked by the Standard, it started within the hour …).  Based on a recent court ruling, these need to examined more closely.

Suffice it to say, the Board has a lot of work to do once we get things in place, which I am hoping will be soon.

I thought it might be good for everyone to see what the NPCA is supposed to be about — check the following link:



Finally, the issue of cannabis.

The Town of Lincoln will be examining where it stands on cannabis soon.

Looking at upcoming reports to the Town, it appears that staff are recommending no retail sales of Cannabis products within the municipality at this time.

As I no longer have a vote at the Town (have to admit, that feels weird after 18 years), I can only offer my comments like everyone else.

The link below is the Town of Lincoln staff report:


My opinion — I think we need to be careful that we have a clear differentiation between the growing / greenhouse planning issues of cannabis (which are of major concern in our community) and the retail sales of the product, which is now legal in our country.

I will be interested to see where the public opinion has come from mentioned within the report — most of the postings on Facebook and other social media platforms have overwhelmingly suggested that retail sales should be allowed.

Anyway, I look forward to the debate we will be seeing at Lincoln Town Council.