So, COVID-19 has certainly created a lot of concern and perhaps a bit of confusion for all of us.

While I am on the Public Health Committee at Niagara Region, I am by no means nor do I profess to be an expert on these matters — however, I do know how to get at information, so if you have concerns or issues, please reach out to me and I will try to help direct your questions to the appropriate sources for the information.

I am including in this posting three items:

  • Link to Niagara Region Coronavirus Webpage
  • Mayor Easton’s commentary
  • Dr. Hirji’s video on the latest here in Niagara

Coronavirus Webpage / Niagara

Your the best and latest information here in Niagara, go to the Coronavirus webpage for Niagara Region:

Mayor eASTON’S Message

The Mayor and staff outline some very credible sources for you:

Niagara Region Public Health

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Health Canada


The following is a video message from Acting Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Hirji: